IRA Kids :: What Philanthropists Can Do to Help Kids Establish Roth IRAs
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Please support your local public television and radio stations. With our nation’s debt and deficit problems, Federal programs inevitably will need to be reduced and many eliminated. We believe that the Public Broadcasting System must survive for the benefit of our generation. It offers much of the best news, scientific, and historical programming available to us, and – with specific respect to IRAKids, it supports the invaluable program, Biz Kids. This is essential viewing for us -- and for our parents and guardians there’s the Nightly Business Report as well as world news. Once we get beyond watching cartoons, we need access to this kind of programming also. Please help keep it alive – and especially, help keep Biz Kids – and similar programs, if possible – available for the continuing financial literacy education of our generation.

Please help kids who are less fortunate than many of us. Those of us that are being supported by our parents, guardians, grandparents, and other friends and relatives – to find work and invest in our Roth IRAs – we’re the lucky ones. But there are millions of kids out there that do not have this support structure and encouragement – or opportunities to find work to generate earned income. Please find ways to help these kids. Perhaps you could help fund programs through Parks Departments, or Community Redevelopment Authorities, or initiatives that support elderly home owners – to fund meaningful, supervised work opportunities for these kids. Perhaps these programs can be designed to contain four days of work, and one of financial education and fun, rewarding activities. Make it possible for the kids to invest the earnings from four days of work in their Roth IRAs, and have the money from the fifth day as spending money for their own use.

We thank donors, philanthropists, and those who have had great financial success -- for returning some of your good fortune for the benefit of our nation and communities. If we are to break bonds of poverty in our nation, we need to raise expectations and aspirations of – and opportunities for -- all kids, and you will be the key to achieving this. Please, help raise up all the kids of our generation.

If you find meaningful ways to help and incentivize disadvantaged kids, please let us know what they are. If they are duplicable by other donors, philanthropists, foundations, etc., we’ll add your suggestions here. And thank you. You are the key to helping disadvantaged kids have opportunities equal to those many of us have through the support of our parents and guardians.


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